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Submitted on
February 12
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Cast of Characters

4 F, 4 M

MOLLY SATSUJIN: late teens, on trial, quiet/timid

MOLLY NO GRUDGE: late teens, psychopathic murderer, always peppy

JASE ELENGORE: late teens, jock and school bully, Molly’s crush

BETH MAGNORA: mid to late teens, Molly’s best friend, cocky/overly


INTERROGATOR: adult, late twenties to early thirties

DASEN SHANEN: late teens, Molly’s bully, jerky/ likes to go off alone

SALLY HENZWEN: late teens, Molly’s bully, crude/always selfish

COLE HENZWEN: late teens, Sally’s sister, Molly’s bully, crude/ selfish


Police Station in Seattle,

Abandoned Elementary school in Seattle


Both present and past (flash backs and videos)


The present. An interrogation room in the Seattle police department, the table

is downstage and sideways so audience may see both sides. Two chairs rest

on either side of the desk, one is turned more toward the audience while

the other is neatly tucked in and facing the desk.

A portable coffee mug sits on the edge of the table

next to a pair of sunshades. Nothing else nor anyone is in the room.


The unlocking of a dead bolt is heard off stage, the INTERROGATOR enters stage left,

he then turns and re-locks the door behind him before approaching the table,

his side of the table is with the chair turned toward the audience. 

The Interrogator flops onto the chair rather unprofessionally, then

takes the sunshades off the desk and grabs the coffee mug, taking a swig of it before

sighing loud and satisfactorily and pulling out his phone.

At this time, there is the unlocking of the dead bolt off stage,

MOLLY enters stage right, as soon as she takes a few steps,

The dead bolt is heard again, Molly timidly approaches her side of the desk.



Ah, you must be Molly, I have heard quite a bit about you. Please, do sit down.


W-why am I here?


I believe you know why you are here, Miss Molly

MOLLY pulls out her chair and sits 

down very neatly, she scoots herself

up to the desk like one would at school.


Yes, I believe I do know why I am here, but your accusations are wrong.


Now is that right?

He sets his mug back down, 

checking to make sure

it does not fall before

turning his attention back to




Yes, really.


Look Miss…Satsujin is it?




Wait….Doesn't Satsujin mean… murder in Japanese?



So what if it does? How is that my fault?


Hey now! I am not looking to start a fight here,

he spins his chair around so his chair sits

backwards, he sits on it so he 

is now fully facing Molly

I am just here to figure out what really happened two weeks ago.


You know, that was really hard on me too, I lost my best friend! And you have the gall to come here and blame me for her murder?!


Calm down! I am not trying to piss you off here, but this is my job kid, and I need answers.


This is my personal business, and you are invading my rights to keep them to myself!


Molly, you could be holding vital information about who this sick homicidal jackass may be! We could bring them to justice and avenge your friends after what has happened to them!

Molly seems to take a moment to consider this,

she looks around a bit before finally looking at the Interrogator,

Molly huffs in what sounds like anger.


Fine, but only because Beth didn’t deserve the death she received

The Interrogator seems relieved by the

final cooperation from Molly,

he adjusts himself in his chair, getting comfortable


Alright, so what happened when you first awoke miss… (with amusement) Murder?

Molly sneers at the Interrogator,

un-amused at the poor pun attempt


Well let’s see… There was this really weird music playing….

The two continue to talk but now they are only mouthing words,

seeming absorbed by the conversation, the Interrogator gets out a pen and notepad.

He continues listening intently while taking notes.

The stage slowly fades to a blackout.


When lights come back on, Molly is laying in the middle of the stage alone,

she remains still for a few moments, the sound of dripping and an eerie, slow song are the only sounds.

Molly finally wakes, slowly sitting up. She uses her arms for support but quickly grabs her

left arm. She cringes in pain before looking around.

There is nothing special around other than a small music box further upstage.

Molly looks around a bit more, nursing her injured left arm.


This is my old elementary school…but why the hell am I

Molly is caught off guard by a scream off stage, she rises to her feet

as quickly as she can, before running to the entrance upstage right.

Opening a door, Molly screams and backs away quickly.

The body of DASEN SHANYN falls in front of her, he is bloody and unmoving.


Oh my God!! DASEN!?

Molly leans forward, as she is about to poke the motionless male,

Dasen’s hand shoots out and grabs Molly’s wrist. Molly screams and wretches

her wrist away before flailing away from the body, gripping her wrist

which is now blood covered from Dasen.




Dasen! Look at me!

Molly kneels in front of Dasen, about to attempt to help him.

as soon as Dasen sees Molly, he acts as though he has seen a ghost,

he begins sputtering. Molly seems confused, trying to help Dasen;

Dasen begins to push himself away from Molly as best as he is able.



N- No!! Don’t touch me! G-g-GO AWAY!!


What are you talking about? I want to help you! The blood loss must be getting to you.

Molly rises to her feet, Dasen still trying to struggle away from her,

though he is getting nowhere.

I will go find something to stop the bleeding.

Molly exits stage left, Dasen relaxes, the dripping sound and music seem to stop now.

Dasen looks around weakly, there is nothing for a few moments.

Two hands suddenly grasp Dasen’s ankles from stage right

and begin to drag him back through the door he came from slowly.

Dasen attempts to scream, but there is no sound as he is dragged off stage, 

he reaches out right before he disappears offstage left

An almost creepy giggle comes from off stage. Music and dripping start again.

After a few moments Molly enters stage left, she is holding bandages.


Dasen! I got you some band…ages?

Molly looks around, no signs of Dasen.


Molly continues looking around, stage slowly fades out.


Stage lights up back to Interrogator and Molly, in the

same places they were when the light faded out in scene I.


So, you left, and when you came back this… Dasen was gone?


Yes, exactly.


Hm… Really…Quite…Interesting.

The Interrogator goes for his coffee,

Molly angrily swings her hand, knocking the mug off the table.

The Interrogator stares down at his mug for a few moments,

he remains unmoving and staring at the coffee mug

after a few moments he turns to face Molly again.


I think I might have angered you.


You don’t believe me!


No, honestly I do not. Your story seems just a bit far fetched don’t you think?


No! No I don’t!


Look, Miss Murder—


--It’s Molly!



Look, Molly, what you say seems very odd. I mean, you just happen to leave the boy unattended for a few moments, and then suddenly when you return he is magically gone? Doesn't that sound just a bit like a goose chase tale to you?


I…Well I guess it sort of sounds… Suspicious, but it is the truth! I was getting bandages to help stop the bleeding from his wounds! I heard a bit of a scuffle and when I returned… He was gone! You gotta believe me!


Let’s just continue, shall we?


Right… Well, after I had lost Dasen, I kept going. That was when I ran into Beth…


I believe this Beth was your friend yes?

Spotlight begins to fade out on the two

MOLLY very best friend…

Spotlight fades out on them completely.

This is only the first part of it, the other half is still in editing and I can't actually submit it all in one shot because it is too big. 

So basically Molly Satsujin is being investigated for a series of murders within her old elementary school. Not only was she the only survivor, but she knew all of the people that were murdered. Molly is fighting to prove her innocence by retelling the scenarios, but...will she honestly be able to prove her innocence? Will her story be believed whether it is true or not? And what happened to Beth? :?

GurichiTheGlitch Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The interrogator seems like a sexy guy...
RambitionRW Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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